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About Us

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The Baker

The Baker Family! 

Kacie, M, Ander, Girl Boss, Gallant, and LuLu!

Moved from Arizona to California Christmas of 2017, radically unschooling for 8 years! The kids are computer-game-playing, kung-fu-attending, You-Tube watching, and  trampoline-having! 

The Waters

The Waters Family!

RJ, A, Gryff, and Vesper!

Radically unschooled parent has radically unschooled kids! The kids are hatchimal-collecting, playground-loving, and risk-taking! 


Food: french fries

Movies/TV: Moana, Blaze, Pokemon, Super Monsters, Coco

Places: DIsneyland, Aquarium, Mackay Park

Why Women of Wonder?

Well. Let's start by saying what we're both thinking. We're pretty bad ass. ;) With six kids between us, sometimes it is pretty amazing when we leave the house, much less leave the house ALL THE TIME to do REALLY COOL STUFF! Sometimes RJ only leaves the house because Kacie and her crew show up at their front door...but they leave nonetheless.

We also do a lot of things. We both work multiple jobs, keep our families fed, homeschool, craft, make, and are active in advocacy groups. We feel like Wonder Women.

We love our husbands, and have also found support with each other, on our own little Themyscira. 

The biggest reason, though, is that our mission in life, our sole purpose for living the way we live - is to bring WONDER to our children's lives. That is success. That is what we are shooting for - those moments when their eyes light up, they gasp, they make connections, and they gabble with excitement and joy. We are women of wonder, making wonderful things and making wonderful things happen for our wonderful kids. We hope that by sharing photos and writing this stuff down, that we encourage more people to leave behind other, colder, and more arbitrary definitions of success and shoot for WONDER, too.

Thanks! Message sent. Kacie or RJ will get back to you as soon as we can!

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