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Little moments

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Gryff was with Kacie while RJ was working, and she took him on a trip to the grocery store. Girl Boss was bummed, she wanted to go - but sadly, logistics of carseats were not in her favor. Gryff was given a free bouncy ball at the grocery store, his first thought? "I want to take this and give this to Girl Boss because she's sad!"

What 4 year old does that??

4 year olds whose needs have been attended to, whose feelings are paid attention to, and who have an overwhelming feeling of abundance - not scarcity. When we feel scarcity, we hang on tight, even when we don't even really want the thing.

Little homeschooling babies of wonder eating icecream
This photo isn't of Gryff, but it is of the ice cream that he chose when at the grocery store... and adorable babies. Suuuuuper adorable babies.

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