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Seal Beach

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

This Friday we took the kids to Seal Beach! Lunch at The Hangout, a few hours playing in the water, then to our respective homes for baths and bed. We have to admit, we are looking forward to the end of summer when the beaches get a little less crowded!

Ander decided to stay home, Girl Boss and the boys were busy with filling and dumping buckets of water, LuLu fell asleep, and Vesper spent most of her time chasing pigeons.

One thing that it is so gratifying to watch is how each kid develops on their own - as well as the group dynamic - when we don't push them into doing things they are uncomfortable with. Gallant has always been afraid of the waves before. No one shames him, embarrassed him, or even nudges him to "get over it" as so many families might. Know what happened this week? He went further and further, got deeper and deeper - even got bowled over by a great big wave, came up spluttering but laughing and jumped back in.

It's a great big gift to feel like you're on your kids side. Even when they're scared. Even when other people might say to push them.

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